Simon Atreides

Male Human Bard (Storyteller); Played by Justin Andrew Mason


Standing six and a half feet tall, Simon is a towering and slender individual with long, wiry, stark silvery-white hair that is drawn back into a single braid, darkly tanned skin, and brooding steel-grey eyes. Though strong and healthy, he is an aged man of sixty years, and his countenance reflects the passage of time.

His voice has a deep, raspy, baritone quality, yet he usually manages to speak with a soft and calm tone. However, when needed, his booming voice can carry over vast distances and drown out most crowds.


A storyteller, poet, singer and dabbler of folk magic, Simon spent the majority of his life as a farmer in service to his lord. For forty years he faithfully tended to the crops and livestock of his liege before being awarded with a position of authority over the other field workers.

With this new position came the privileges of his own home on the outskirts of his lord’s properties, and a small plot of land that he could farm for the benefit of his family. For twenty years, his sons tended the family farm while he directed the yearly planting and harvest of crops for their master.

His wife, three sons, three daughters-in-law, and ten grandchildren all lived on the modest property in three small homes constructed there. Life was good.

That was until the day he returned from a hard day’s work to find the homes razed, his crops burning, and his entire family slaughtered. The brigands guilty of the heinous crime remain unknown as do their motives; a mystery that frequently torments Simon’s thoughts.

After mourning, he turned and walked away from his simple life and took to wandering the realms. To make a living he gathers and shares stories, myths and local legends and song, of which he hopes will one day will glean information leading him to those who killed his family — so he may take upon them his vengeance.

Simon has two trinkets from his old life that he always keeps on his person: his dead wife’s wedding band, which he wears upon a slender neckchain, and his own, which has never left his ring finger since her death.

Simon Atreides

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